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Do you like the smoker image and the props associated with it,
the ash, the yellow stains on your teeth, the nasty taste or the smell on your breath?
Now is the time to act if you want to stop smoking easily and effortlessly
You probably know that the use of tobacco is harmful. Smoking places a serious risk on your health, and causes
diseases such as heart disease and even some forms of cancer, such as throat and lung cancer.
Nicotine is a poisonous alkaloid that is the active principal of tobacco and is used as an insecticide.
The 1988 Surgeon General’s report, ‘Nicotine Addiction’, concluded that

  • Cigarettes and  other forms of tobacco are addictive
  • Nicotine is the drug that causes the addiction
  • Pharmacological and behavioural characteristics that determine tobacco addiction is
    similar to those that determine addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.
NOWADAYS there are so many miracle stop smoking fads on the market, which simply just don’t work, 90 % of them FAIL! To successfully stop smoking you must use the same mechanism that you used to start smoking with, YOUR OWN MIND! The truth is if you want to stop smoking you can right here and NOW! When you stop to think that ninety per cent of all stop smoking fads FAIL!!  WHY waste time and money with them?  NO MORE CRAVINGS, NO MORE SMOKING DESIRES! You’ll be able to take it or leave it. When you change your attitude to cigarettes you change your whole outlook on life and as you adjust your self-image you will really like  yourself more and more each day.
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